2020 CSA Week 28 Recipes

It is hard to believe it is the last week of our 2020 CSA season! We will miss seeing your smiling faces and hearing about all the wonderful dishes you have made with our produce. We have really enjoyed getting to know all of you this season, and we’ve been really encouraged by your eagerness to support us as local producers. Please make sure to follow us on social media and maybe come see us at a farmers’ market this winter. We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving are able to share many delicious meals with your families. This last week we include some great recipes for your Thanksgiving feast- a savory dressing recipe, a simple pepper dip, and a great tomato & ground cherry jam that would go great on a charcutery board. Thank you all so much for participating in our CSA this year. Without your support we would not be able to do what we love. Thank you all again. Stay healthy we hope to see you next year!

2020 CSA Week 27 Recipes

We have another great week of produce for you as we start to wind down the season. We only have one more week to go in the 2020 CSA. We were able to include small amount of a variety of crops that squeezed a final bit of production out for us in the last month. We were able to included cherry tomatoes one last time this week, as well as some tasty green tomatoes, which make an excellent chili. The past few weeks we’ve been busy transitioning our high tunnels into winter & spring production which we hope will last into the first few weeks of our 2021 CSA program. Each year we improve our techniques and our handle on production so we’re able to extend our season in both the spring and fall. We hope you enjoy the vegetables this week!

2020 CSA Week 26 Recipes

The sunshine helped keep us motivated to get a lot done around the farm this week. We hope you all got to get out and enjoy the nice weather as well. We know this is Ohio and we will not be fooled by this nice weather- we’re ready for it to snow at any minute. We have been waiting on the leeks to size up and included them in the share this week. If you are not familiar with leeks you can think about them as a mild onion. They are incredibly versitile and can be used in many ways. We like to use them in the base of a soup which is how we used them in the recipe this week. We hope you all are still cooking along with us. Don’t forget to share your creations with us @front9farm. Only two more weeks to go!