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2022 CSA Week 25 Recipes

Following this week, we will have three more weeks in our CSA program, so we’ll finish up the week before Thanksgiving. The shares this week are full of flavorful herbs with a lot of versatility. We really enjoyed the chive hummus (recipe on the blog). we used it on sandwiches, pasta, and as a veggie dip. We’ve been busy planting onions & garlic, which will be overwintered and then harvested next June & July. We’re also transplanting lettuces which will be harvested in December through March. We hope you make some wonderful meals with you produce this week!

2022 CSA Week 24 Recipes

Despite a few frosty evenings this week, which toasted the last of our field summer crops, we’re feeling pretty good about the amount of produce we still have growing. We have the most we’ve ever had this time of year, which means we should have a good supply of leafy greens, green onions, leeks, cabbage, radishes, beets, carrots, etc. at the winter markets we attend from December- March. We also have tomatoes and peppers in our high tunnels, which should continue to produce for us until the end of the year, depending on the weather. We highly recommend trying the ground cherry jam recipe below- it pairs really well with a cracker, cheese and charcuterie board. Have a great week!

2022 CSA Week 23 Recipes

The cool nights of fall make for the best greens season. The lettuces and broccoli greens included in the share this week have great flavor due to the falling temperatures. They’ll also keep longer in your fridge than summer greens. Our favorite way to eat greens is either sauteed or in soups (including creamy lettuce soup!), so be sure to also cook the beet greens and leek tops as well. We still have a long transplant list we’re trying to work through, though we are down to spinach, lettuce, beets, onions, and garlic. After that we’ll start working through our building project list, which includes upgrading parts of our irrigation system, expanding our production area, and adding plant support infrastructure to some of our growing area. Have a great week!