2019 CSA Week 23 Recipes

We cant believe it’s already week 23. We still have a full 5 weeks planned for you, and many hearty recipes on the way, so thank you to everyone who has traveled with us through the past three seasons. This week we have a great variety of tasty produce which have incredible fresh flavors including fennel, beets, and the leafy greens mix. This share is the perfect time to try some flavor combinations you have never explored! Thank you for supporting our farm and have a wonderful week!

2019 CSA Week 22 Recipes

This past week we experienced a few frosts so the outdoor season for frost-intolerant crops is rapidly winding down. We’ve covered many tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants to extend their harvest, in addition to those we have in our heated high tunnel, and the plants are quite healthy so we should still have that variety for weeks to come. Our leafy greens are really tasting crisp these days so we hope you’re enjoying some fresh salads. Thank you for supporting our farm, and have a wonderful week!

2019 CSA Week 21 Recipes

Fall is finally here. Even though the weather is a bit colder we have plenty of wonderful veggies for the rest of the year. The cold weather will make the leafy greens produce more sugar and taste even more delicious than they already do. We have some big projects coming up on the farm. There are a few more crops to transplant and then we will be installing hoops and covering a large portion of the garden, about 1/3rd of an acre, in greenhoiuse film and row cover. We plan to keep many cold-tolerant crops going throughout the winter months. Check our instagram and facebook this winter to see what winter markets we will be attending.