2019 CSA Week 12 Recipes

Lots of great summer veggies in the bag this week. The weather is beautiful and as we enjoy this wonderful summer bounty we are thinking and preparing for fall and winter. The bags are filled with lots of great tomatoes and squash with more great stuff to come. Two more weeks until we reach the halfway point, and the second half of the season always has more variety than the first!

2019 CSA Week 11 Recipes

The bags are becoming more colorful each week! This week our bean crop started producing some really tasty and beautiful beans. We also included a large cutting of basil, which is loving the summer’s heat and makes incredibly fresh pesto. This season’s bountiful rainfall has produced bountiful weeds which we devoted much of the week to getting under control. We’re making space for our fall crops, which will go in the ground shortly so they are ready in time for the fall CSA shares. Enjoy this week’s veggies and thank you for supporting our farm!

2019 CSA Week 10 Recipes

This week we’ve included a nice variety of vegetables which combine well to make a variety of fresh salads, perfect for summer. We also included a tasty herb you may not be familiar with- sorrel. This herb has a bright, tart, lemony flavor which is delicious in many applications, including the recipe below. The gardens have been soaking up this sunshine and within a few weeks we should have many more mature crops including beans and corn, as long as the deer leave some for us... We’ve been seeding and caring for our fall and winter transplants, so we’re well prepared for a bountiful summer and fall. Enjoy this week’s vegetables!