2019 CSA Week 20 Recipes

Our fields are really starting to look organized again after the flush of growth for both plants and weeds that we’ve been working to contain over the past few months. As the weather cools (not this week!) and the sunlight decreases we can out work the plants again. We’re still harvesting delicious summer tomatoes, pepper, and eggplant, but also harvesting some tasty fall greens. We hope you enjoy this week’s share! We’ve got a lot of tasty crops on the horizon!

2019 CSA Week 19 Recipes

 Many of our summer vegetables are still yielding well, including tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, though a lot of our fall crops are sizing up and we look forward to the cooler temperatures bringing out their sweetness. We’re preparing to cover any crops with tender portions which are susceptible to a light frost with row covering and low tunneling, so things are still hustling and bustling here on the farm. Thank you for being a member of our CSA program, and we hope you enjoy this week’s share!

2019 CSA Week 18 Recipes

Summer is winding down and there are lots of fresh greens in the coming months but this week we get to continue to enjoy the bounty of summer. The tomatoes in the share this week are a mix of orangero, and lorenzo. Two of our favorites. We made a super simple tomatoe basil soup with them this week. All of these great summer ingredients make for some delicious recipes. Thank you for supporting us and our small farm.