2019 CSA Week 3 Recipes
We’re not the type to complain about mother nature’s abundance but this past month’s rainfall has kept some fields pretty soggy around here. Luckily most of our gardens have great drainage and our primary crops are planted in the best locations. Soon enough more fruiting crops will begin producing for us and you’ll be seeing things from the squash and tomato families. This week we included some beautiful beets which are a two for one- delicious roots and greens. The greens are rich and delicious especially cooked, such as in the recipe below. Thank you for supporting our farm and have a wonderful week!


2019 CSA Week 2 Recipes

Week two is here, and these long spring days have provided us with another bounty of delicious produce. The gardens are starting to take off.  The recipe below and others on the website this week will fill you up on greens without leaving you hungry, despite several being meatless. The tatsoi is delicious to both humans and the flee beetles (tiny bite holes), and obviously pesticide-free. Similarly, the Chinese cabbage has sized up nicely but the early heat this past week has sent the plants into flowering. The brassica family is always a gamble in the spring but the nutritional and flavorful benefits make those crops worth the trouble. Thank you all for supporting us!

2019 CSA Week 1 Recipes

We’re so excited to begin the CSA season! We want to thank all of our returning members and welcome all of our new ones. Once again If you dont know how to store something ask us and we will be happy to help. Here are the recipes to kick off week one of our 2019 CSA Program. We try to make the recipes as healthy as possible but feel free to doctor them up however you would like. This weeks ingrediants include some wonderful spring produce.  We love seeing the food you make so if you ever share something on social media make sure to tag @front9farm.