2018 CSA Week 13 Recipes
This week we included a nice sampling of our herb garden for some unique and refreshing flavors. The Mexican mint marigold (glossy leaves with little orange flowers) pairs with the Russian Tarragon (long skinny leaves) to add more anise flavor which results in a flavor similar to traditional French tarragon. This tarragon combination pairs well with chicken and fish. Also included is sage, which makes everything more fragrant. The carrot tops also make a useful herb, and when used with parsley they make a delicious chimichurri sauce (recipe on blog!). Have fun experimenting with some new flavors this week!
2018 CSA Week 12 Recipes
It’s definitely tomato season! This week we included red romas, which have a thick pulp making them perfect for salsas and sauces, and also orange cocktail tomatoes, which have a sweeter and fruitier flavor than red tomatoes. Gazpacho soup is a perfect applicaiton for raw tomatoes, and we included a delicious recipe below. Luckily all of this rain has been a blessing for us because all of our fields have great drainage, and these cold temperatures won’t hurt our tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and cucumbers because they are all protected in high tunnels. We’ve begun transplanting our fall crops and our fields are still loaded so we will have many more vegetables for you on the way! Thank you for supporting our farm.
2018 CSA Week 11 Recipes
This weeks share includes heirloom tomatoes and heirloom eggplant for the first time this year. We grow several different types heirloom tomatoes which you will get to sample throughout the season. This week most of the heirlooms included are either pink brandywine or chocolate stripe. We also included the first of the passilla bajoi peppers, which are used to make mexican mole sauce, and an early sweet banana pepper, with many more on the way! last year we grew a variety of super hot peppers which made a super hot sauce, but otherwise overpowered everything when cooking. So this year we made it a point to grow peppers that aren’t super hot but have more sweetness and complex flavors. We hope you enjoy the share this week!