2018 CSA Week 4 Recipes
The wide variety of ingredients in this weeks share makes for some very tasty meals this week. The roasted chicken recipe is a great use of the lemon balm. It takes a little extra work because you have to stuff it under the skin but the final product is worth it. We said this in the flyer but it is worth repeating- store the lemon balm like you would basil, don't put it in the fridge. The gardens are growing and we have a lot more ingredients to work with as the season pushes on.
2018 CSA Week 3 Recipes
This beautiful spring weather has our herb garden yielding in abundance, which makes for some really flavorful food! The chimmichurri chicken recipe is quick, delicious, and healthy. It is also a great way to use up all of that cilantro. You can always freeze the chimmichurri and add it to cooked rice anytime. We also want to mention the kale and bean soup. This is a great soup that will fill you up. A quick note on the herbs included this week- baby celery greens and parsley are obvious cousins, but they can be differentiated by the deeper green and thinner stems of the parsley, but most obviously with a little taste. It's amazing something that two greens that look so similar can have such distinct tastes. We hope you all enjoy the recipes this week!
2018 CSA Week 2 Recipes
The recipes this week are completely meatless. Don't let this deture you from trying them. They taste wonderful and are so good for you. They all work well as a main corse or can be used as a complemeant to any main dish. If you would like to add some protien to these meals you can always top them with some grilled chicken. We hope you enjot this weeks recipes.