2018 CSA Week 16 Recipes
This week we’ve included a crowd pleasing winter squash- butternut. Everyone has their favorite way to cook butternut. We love roasting it with some sausage, though we also highly recommend the butternut squash soup recipe below. the delicious herb lovage, a spicy cousin of celery is included. The leaves look similar but give them a taste and you will know the difference. A little goes a long way. We also included two nice of bunches of basil, which can be made into a pesto, then frozen, or dried for later use.
2018 CSA Week 15 Recipes
This week we included both sweet and hot banana peppers. If used all together the mix is mildly hot, but if you want to use the peppers individually you could chop the top off and smell for sweetness or heat. The winter squash this week is baby blue hubbard which has a sweet and savory flesh. Also included are sweet bunching onions, which have a small tender white bulb and fresh greens which are delicious in any typical onion application. Two of the herbs this week are thyme and winter savory. Winter savory is related to summer savory, and has oblong leaves with a bit of spiciness. Thyme has a gentle flavor with lemony and minty tones. Enjoy the share and have a wonderful week!
2018 CSA Week 14 Recipes
We’ve reached the halfway point! Thank you for participating in the first half of our CSA program, and we look forward to provide you with fresh, seasonal vegetables for the next few months. We’re starting to include all of late summer’s bounty, including an abundance of winter squash. This week we included buffy squash, which has a sweet flesh, and can be stored for 6 months on your countertop. Like all winter squash it is delicious boiled, mashed, baked, roasted, stuffed, and even microwaved. Also, keep in mind any vegetables you don’t get to throughout the week store well for winter when blanched and frozen. Let us know how you use your veggies and tag us @Front9farm!