2018 CSA Week 18 Recipes
This week we included spaghetti squash, which has a unique texture similar to pasta, and a mild flavor. This squash goes great with ratatouille or other tomato-based sauces. We also included some tasty summer treats- sweet corn and cantaloupe. We included a mix of pink brandywine and old German heirloom tomatoes. The flavor of both is exceptional, but they are highly perishable so we would recommend removing them from the paper bag to slow the ripening, and eating them within a few days. We hope you enjoy this week’s share!
2018 CSA Week 17 Recipes
We’re aflush with summer’s bounty! Our roma tomatoes are really hitting their stride so we included a hefty helping this week. These are the meatiest of the tomatoes which makes them perfect for sauces, salsas, and soups. We also included the first of our sweet corn, which we hope to include a few more times this season. The corn was harvested hours before the dropoff so it’s near peak sugar content! We also included ground cherries, a sweet relative of tomatoes and tomatillos, which is another crop we will include more of from now until the end of the season. We hope you enjoy the variety this week, and thank you for supporting our farm!
2018 CSA Week 16 Recipes
This week we’ve included a crowd pleasing winter squash- butternut. Everyone has their favorite way to cook butternut. We love roasting it with some sausage, though we also highly recommend the butternut squash soup recipe below. the delicious herb lovage, a spicy cousin of celery is included. The leaves look similar but give them a taste and you will know the difference. A little goes a long way. We also included two nice of bunches of basil, which can be made into a pesto, then frozen, or dried for later use.