2018 CSA Week 2 Recipes
The recipes this week are completely meatless. Don't let this deture you from trying them. They taste wonderful and are so good for you. They all work well as a main corse or can be used as a complemeant to any main dish. If you would like to add some protien to these meals you can always top them with some grilled chicken. We hope you enjot this weeks recipes.
2018 CSA Week 1 Recipes
We're thrilled for our CSA program to begin again! We know this is going to be a great season. We're off to a good start with some fresh leafy greens. Check out the recipes below for ideas on how to use the greens in your share!
Eat Well with Front 9 Farm's 2018 CSA Program
We’re ten weeks away from the start of our 2018 CSA program, and we’re another year smarter, wiser, and better equipped. We’re working into our rhythm (seed, water, transplant, harvest, repeat) for each and every crop included in our CSA program. We wanted to share some recent improvements we've made to the farm which will allow us to grow a greater quantity and quality of produce for you.