CSA Week 26 Recipes
Lots of winter vegetables make the recipes in the last week of our CSA program. We hope you have enjoyed cooking through the seasons with the fresh produce we provide you from our farm. We have certainly enjoyed making these recipes every week and we ope you have found them useful.
CSA Week 25 Recipes
This week we have a wonderful rissotto recipe for the butternut squash that is creamy and delicious. Butternut isn't the only squash in the bag. This is the first time that we have included the golden nugget squash in the share. We use this with the swiss chard in a wonderful rice pilaf recipes. Only one more week to go. We hope you have enjoyed cooking all of the produce we work so hard to cultivate this year.
CSA Week 24 Recipes
We included sorrel greens this week, a tender green with a sour taste. This green works well in a fall vegetable borscht.