CSA Week 17 Recipes
This weeks share includes dense vegetables that make nice hardy food as the weather starts to turn early this year. These meals are sure to warm the body and soul. The weather and pumpkin in this weeks share are a sign that fall is here early. I highly recommend the soup recipe, it is perfect for these cool evenings.
CSA Week 16 Recipes
This week's recipes provide a lot of versatility due to the fact four out of the five recipes are primarily sauces which could be applied to pasta, pizza, sandwiches, or paired with other grains such as rice, quinoa, or couscous, buckwheat, etc. The sauces all fall in the creamy category so they're a combination of vegetables with some indulgent fat.
CSA Week 15 Recipes
Our tomatillo crop has begun to produce in abundance so we were able to include a quart of mixed varieties. Tomatillos are related to ground cherries, another crop we love which has had a slow start this season, both of which are in the tomato plant family. Tomatillos are best when cooked into a salsa verde (recipe below), which works well with many foods, from quesadillos to chips to rice to chicken.