2019 CSA Week 10 Recipes

This week we’ve included a nice variety of vegetables which combine well to make a variety of fresh salads, perfect for summer. We also included a tasty herb you may not be familiar with- sorrel. This herb has a bright, tart, lemony flavor which is delicious in many applications, including the recipe below. The gardens have been soaking up this sunshine and within a few weeks we should have many more mature crops including beans and corn, as long as the deer leave some for us... We’ve been seeding and caring for our fall and winter transplants, so we’re well prepared for a bountiful summer and fall. Enjoy this week’s vegetables!

2019 CSA Week 9 Recipes

We're excited to welcome back a CSA favorite this week- spaghetti squash. We like to let the squash speak for itself by dressing it with only butter or oil and some salt and herbs, or we make a really delicious dish and pack the center cavity with sausage and bake facing upward so the juices from the squash drip down into the squash. We also included some other delicious fruits of summer which combine to make the perfect fresh salsa. We hope you enjoy this week’s share and thank you for supporting our farm and have a great week!

2019 CSA Week 8 Recipes

Last week our tomatoes really started to ripen, which has been very satisfying for us after staring at green fruit everyday for the past month. In the share this week we included some delicious heirloom tomatoes which have incredible flavor. We also included two delicata squash which, as the name suggests, have a delicate rind which softens when cooked and is therefore quite tasty. A few of our winter squash varieties have already matured so we will be including those over the next few weeks and months. Thank you for supporting our farm and have a great week!