CSA Week 11 Recipes
We have lots of tasty summer vegetables included in the share this week. The recipes don't use a lot of ingredients that aren't in your bag. Since we are in the heart of grilling season we used the grill for most of the meals. The corn didn't get as big as we would have liked but it is very delicious. The corn in your shares were picked that morning which helps retain nutrient content and makes the corn extra sweet. Its best to eat corn as soon as you can after it is picked. We included two ways to grill the corn. We recommend grilling corn instead of boiling it. When you boil corn you loose all of its water soluble nutrients. We hope you enjoy these summertime recipes!
CSA Week 10 Recipes
We usually try to only include ingredients in these recipes which are produced locally and to avoid food items which are known for having a large carbon foot print, but since fennel pairs so beautifully with citrus we cheated a little bit. Most of the salads we include in these blogs are very basic but we went more elaborate with the Fennel and Citrus salad below and it was definitely worth the trouble.
CSA Week 9 Recipes
This week we included an 8 herb mix which is versatile and flavorful, and perfect for summer cooking. The mix works well with roasted meats and vegetables, as well as in vinaigrettes or vegetable salads. We recommend removing the thicker stems from the herbs and then finely chopping everything in the bag to create one mix. Below is a recipe for one of our favorite vegetable soups of Eastern European origin which uses many of the ingredients in this week’s share- Red Borscht Soup. We had a lot of 'wow, that's good' moments when we were cooking the recipes this week, so if you give these recipes a try we don't believe they will disappoint. In the words of Jacques Pepin, happy cooking!