CSA Week 8 Recipes
We wanted to incorporate the great outdoors into our cooking this week so the majority of the recipes were done on the grill, though they could easily be roasted in the oven with just a bit of cooking time added. We included a Peruvian herb this week called huacatay, or black mint. This herb is found in the marigold family, which you may recognize if you are familiar with the similar leaf structure and scent of the marigold plant. We recommend using the herb in a green sauce, which is our favorite way of enjoying most herbs- some garlic, oil, acid, salt, and pepper.
CSA Week 7 Recipes
The recipes this week are very simple, meatless, and many make great sides for your Independence Day cookout! We included a hefty serving of white beans in two of the recipes, though beans could bulk up all 5 of the dishes. We used canary beans, which are a white kidney bean with a smooth buttery texture, but northern beans or navy beans would be fine substitutions.
CSA Week 6 Recipes
This week's recipes are the simplest so far! They require the least amount of cooking and uses many of the vegetables in their raw state, which preserves their flavor and nutritional quality. The Garlicky Braised Greens with Balsamic Vinegar recipe below is a perfect way to use the delicious green tops of the double-whammy produce items- turnips and kohlrabi.