2020 CSA Week 4 Recipes

Every year is unique and unlike last years record rainfall, this year we’re feeling some high temps early in the season. We’re still transplanting every day. If you can’t tell our lettuce crops are doing amazing. There is a hefty bag of salad mix this week which is loaded with lots of spring greens including spinach. Carrots are just starting to size up so we included a small bunch this week, with much more on the way in the future. The chimichurri recipe below and on the website is a great way to use the carrot tops so nothing goes to waste. The summer crops are just around the corner, and day by day we’ve been watching the summer fruits and vegetables size up. Enjoy the spring veggies while they last and have a great week!

2020 CSA Week 3 Recipes

We survived the heat wave earlier this week, which the summer crops loved, and they should be producing fruit soon after soaking up all this sunshine. We planted tomatoes and peppers very early and usually end up cutting off the first fruit before it fully matures to allow the plants to grow bigger and produce more peppers in the long term, which is why the pepper in your bag is so petite. Soon the tomatoes and peppers will be producing lots of fruit and you will recieve larger quantities in the share. Spring is the best season for greens, so we included a full half pound of salad mix in the share this week. Us and our wonderful crew have been hard at work putting many many trays of everything from summer squash, to winter squash, to onions, and beans, in the ground, which will be ready for harvest during peak summer. We hope you’ve been enjoying the spring vegetables, and we thank you for supporting our farm!

2020 CSA Week 2 Recipes

Week two is here, and these long spring days have provided us with another bounty of delicious produce. We loved seeing all the meals that you guys made with the share last week. This week we have more delicious spring greens. Now that the weather is cooperating we have finally started planting our summer crops out in the fields. This week we included a nice bulk bag of brassica greens, which are delicious sauteed. The heavier leafy greens will be included more in the earlier share of the season so if make sure you freeze them for use in summer if you’re not eating them fast enough. If you don’t know what to do with the brassica mix we highly recommend you make the pasta dish below. We try to make all the recipes has healthy as possible with minimal ingredients, and minimal animal products, but they can always modified to include more fats and cheeses, and can be served as side along a slice of meat. Thank you all for supporting us! Have a great week!