2022 CSA Week 7 Recipes

It’s been long hot days around here, and the gardens are loving the sunshine, and our beds are as full as they’ve ever been at this time of year. Jimmy has been using these dry days to make hay for the sheep to eat in the winter. We are excited to include a small amount of tomatoes for the first time this year. We are growing some really delicious varieties, and we can’t wait to share them with you throughout this season. We did not include the tomatoes in a recipe this week because most people like to eat the first tomatoes of the year straight out of the bag.  Keep sharing the wonderful food you are making on social media. We will see you next week. 

2022 CSA Week 6 Recipes

We powered through the heat to bring you this weeks share. We are nearing the end of strawberry season so we loaded you up one last time. We just started harvesting a very small amount of tomatoes, so they are just around the corner. Along with lots of other summer produce. The pickled beet recipe will be well worth the wait. They are great on salads and sandwiches when they are ready. Once one eat all/most of the beets and onions, hard boil some eggs and let those sit in the pickle juice for a couple of days. We hope you all are staying cool and enjoying the produce. Thank you for supporting our farm. 

2022 CSA Week 5 Recipes
Our strawberry patch is fruiting very well now! We’ve been trying to keep up with the harvest while still filling out our fields. We put a lot of plants into the ground this week including green onions, leeks, radishes, kohlrabi, lettuce, and winter squash. We have a nice crops of both peas and beans growing larger, so we hope to include those in the shares in the next week or two. This week’s share is full of flavor, and we really enjoyed the mixed herb pasta dish below. We included white sugar beets which have incredible flavor in both the roots and leaves. We hope you enjoy the share this week!