Eat Well with Front 9 Farm's 2018 CSA Program

We’re ten weeks away from the start of our 2018 CSA program, and we’re another year smarter, wiser, and better equipped. We’re working into our rhythm (seed, water, transplant, harvest, repeat) for each and every crop included in our CSA program. We wanted to share some recent improvements we've made to the farm which will allow us to grow a greater quantity and quality of produce for you.

Below are some highlights:

  • We've added a brand new high tunnel (greenhouse) which is three times the size of our existing high tunnel.
  • We've also tripled the size of our laying hen flock so we can meet all your farm fresh egg needs.
  • We've installed a heating system in one of our high tunnels which will allow us to produce earlier tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplant, as well as earlier cold weather transplants, so you will see those crops included earlier in the season.
  • We've expanded our growing acreage by a half acre.
  • We have a new and improved produce washing station and system, and an improved produce packhouse.
  • We will be expanding our farm crew by 1-2 members.

We wanted to share with you what you can expect from our 2018 CSA program. A big change we've made to the program is the ability to customize the number of weeks you would like to participate. We have a range of package options which include as few as 4 weeks up to the full 28 week program. Pricing for the full program is the same as last season, including the chicken and eggs, which are now separate add on items. There is more information about this on the CSA page.

2018 csa shares

Year after year, what makes our CSA packages so special?

We grow EVERY crop we sell. We can tell you with confidence that no harmful herbicides or pesticides were sprayed on, on in the proximity of, each crop.

Every week we include 5 delicious, detailed recipes which use each and every ingredient in the weekly produce package. This simplifies meal planning.

Throughout the season we include over 120 different fruits, vegetables, roots, and herbs, which are cycled through our CSA share. These crops represent 15+ distinct plant families, each with unique beneficial phytochemicals and nutrient profiles which are essential to a well rounded diet.

Crops are harvested at peak freshness, and within 24 hours of pickup, to maximize flavor and nutrient content.

We're ready for a tremendous 2018 season. As students of our craft we have been meticulously reviewing our crops, selecting the best cultivars, and studying the best practices for managing crop nutrition, pests and disease. Every decision we have made has been a deliberate step towards the production system we envision: a highly diversified operation which maximizes production over minimal acreage, and streamlines the farm to table experience. We're thankful and inspired by the high member retention rate we've had year over year, and we look forward to growing our membership in the 2018 season. CLICK HERE  to sign up for our 2018 CSA program!