Firm Greens

Broccoli florets are immature flowers which grow from the center stem of the plant with leaves spiraling in a rosette pattern from the base.

Cauliflower curds form at the apex of the stem, and the head is blanched in the final stage of ripening by the outer wrapper leaves which shade the head from the sun.

Cabbage comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. We grow round heads of both green (Golden Acre) and red (Red Acre) cabbage, Brunswick cabbage, and Early Jersey Wakefield.

Chinese cabbage, a less hardy member of the brassica family, grows into packed heads of dense cabbage with a sweet flavor.

Collard green leaves are very large, thick, and flat. Their sturdy character allows them to maintain structure when cooked down, commonly with a pork derivative such as ham or bacon.

Brussels sprouts are a remarkable achievement of plant breeding, which is actually true of much of those in the brassica family, originally diversified from a single plant as they were selectively bred for specific characteristics. In the case of Brussels sprouts, the plants were bred to produce secondary shoots in the node of each leaf which grow compactly, resulting in sprouts similar to many miniature cabbage heads along a single plant stalk. The compact size of the sprouts, and their high sugar content, make this vegetable delicious and multifunctional.

Celery is a unique plant that has been bred to have enlarged leaf petioles, which are turgid and highly fibrous.