CSA Weekly Recipes

2022 CSA Week 17 Recipes

We’re starting to harvest our late summer sucessions of broccoli, beets, lettuce, and green onions. All these crops were planted in the peak dry heat of summer so we had to have a little faith and a lot of irrigation to keep these plants progressing. We included celebration winter squash this week. This squash is a cross between an acorn squash and delicata. It has great flavor and works really well stuffed. Our pepper plants are really starting to put out fruit, so we should have a nice variety of peppers as the season progresses. We’re encouraged we’ve made it to September, and are excited to share all the great produce we still have in the gardens. Thank you and have a great week!

2022 CSA Week 16 Recipes

This week we have a really nice varieity of vegetables which hit a wide range of flavors and textures. This week we had a large winter squash harvest, and we expect to do that every other week from now until frost. Our peppers are also starting to produce more, and the plants are loaded with small fruit. Our peppers got a late start because we lost a lot of seedlings back in March & April to a soilborne disease caused by too much moisture and too low of temperatures. Next year we’ll stage our seedlings differently to learn from this year’s setbacks. We really appreciate seeing and hearing how you’ve been using your CSA shares. Thank you and have a great week!

2022 CSA Week 15 Recipes

We have a great share for you this week which is full of the fresh flavors of summer. We’ve been enjoying this cooler weather and it’s given us encouragement that if we push through some big harvests over the next month that there will be some relief on the other side. Labor is the lifeblood of every farm, and that’s especcialy true for a vegetable operation like ours. we’re adding 4 new farm crew members now that 6 of our summer workers have headed off to college. Depending on how much we accomplish in the next few weeks we might add a few more from now until our fall planting is finished in early November (just garlic and onions that late). We hope you enjoy the produce this week, which is literally the fruits of our crews labor over the past few months. Thank you for your support!