CSA Weekly Recipes

2022 CSA Week 14 Recipes

It is hard to believe we have reached the halfway point of our CSA program! We are very happy with the amount and variety of produce we’ve been able to include so far, and with the produce we have in the fields  for the rest of the season. Your membership in our CSA program greatly helps with our crop planning and financially keeps our farm going. Thank you! We cleared our kohlrabi crop so enjoy these veggies while they’re here. They have delicous flavor, especially when roasted to the point they begin browning. We really like the varieties we settled on because they maintain great flavor and texture despite the summer’s heat. Chinese cabbage is another very tasty member of the brassica family. We included a sauteed recipe below, but it’s also delicious fermented using the same technique as sauerkraut, or with additional spices using a kimchi recipe.  

2022 CSA Week 13 Recipes

We have another great bag with a bountiful summer harvest this week.      We recommend cooking the broccoli greens using the most popular method to cook collard greens- in a liquid over low heat until they are tender. We actually grow them in place of collard greens because we find they’re more versatile, since they also produce florets, and they survive the heat, pest, and disease pressure of summer just as well, if not better, than collards or kale. This is probably our heaviest bag yet, so hopefully you lifted with two hands. This will be the only time we include kabocha squash since the plants have started to fade from pest pressure, and because the tender skin of the squash reduces its shelf life, especially when the skin becomes mottled due to beetle bites. The tenderness of the skin also makes it tasty to eat, so if you roast it, don’t skip the skin!

2022 CSA Week 12 Recipes

The weeks are ticking by, and we are reaching peak season where everything needs harvested and everything we want to grow through winter also needs transplanted, all at the same time. The majority of our summer farm crew are heading off to college in a week or two so we are trying to pack as much seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, and pruning into our days as possible. We have been so happy with their performance this summer and they have really helped us rachet up our production these past few months. This week’s bag includes a few vegetable debuts- sweet corn, green cabbage, and cubanelle peppers. Everything the bag this week is very versatile and play well together so we hope you have fun in the kitchen this week!