CSA Weekly Recipes

2018 CSA Week 7 Recipes
We're a quarter way through our CSA program, and we've got another great week of vegetables and recipes! We love combining different vegetable textures and levels of cookedness all in one dish. Check out the recipes below for some savory, salty, and tangy ways to enjoy the share this week!
2018 CSA Week 6 Recipes
We’re really pleased with the range of color included in the share this week. We’ve included beautiful golden beets, purple top turnips, and the first of our summer carrots. The great part about all of these root crops is that all of the green tops are edible and delicious! We made a wonderful root vegetable dish that has a lot of flavor with not a lot of ingredients. We also included a few versions of pestos which show the range of delicious flavors leafy greens have to offer. We hope you enjoy the recipes this week!
2018 CSA Week 5 Recipes
The weather is great for growing produce. The shares are getting bigger as the season continues. This week we have fennel for the first time this year. Fennel pairs great with orange and we used that pairing with escrole to make a very healthy and tasty salad. We hope you enjoy our week 5 recipes!