CSA Weekly Recipes

2018 CSA Week 9 Recipes
Through the heat and buckets of rain we’ve been hard at work putting in the next succession of many crops, and seeing the fruits of our labors with many others planted earlier this season. This week we’ve got a nice blend of leafy greens, root crops, and summer tomatoes. We included beautiful chioggia beets, which have striped concentric rings throughout the core. We used them in a borscht because the combination of beets, cabbage, and carrots is heaven, but they are also commonly eaten lightly boiled in a salad.
2018 CSA Week 8 Recipes
The tomatoes are finally here and we are very happy to use them in the recipes this week. We also included peppers and tomatillos in the share for the first time this year. That means that we get to use some great ingredients. The salsa recipe is the perfect use of the tomatoes and tomatillos, and is very easy to make. We also have a delicious potato salad. Both dishes are perfect for barbecues. We hope you enjoy the recipes we have for you this week!
2018 CSA Week 7 Recipes
We're a quarter way through our CSA program, and we've got another great week of vegetables and recipes! We love combining different vegetable textures and levels of cookedness all in one dish. Check out the recipes below for some savory, salty, and tangy ways to enjoy the share this week!