CSA Weekly Recipes

2020 CSA Week 14 Recipes

It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the halfway point. Thank you for joining us on this journey through the seasons so far, and we can’t wait to share the delicious vegetables we have growing for the second half of the season. Butternut Squash makes its first appearence in the bag this week. We used it in a soup with the swish chard but it is also great roasted with some sausage or any other way you like to enjoy it. You will get a lot of different winter squash for the rest of the year, and it all keeps really well so if you dont get around to making it right away it will store on the countertop for months. We’ve reached peak tomato season so enjoy them while they last- they won’t be around forever. Thank you so much for supporting us and our farm!

2020 CSA Week 13 Recipes

Another heavy bag of delicious summer veggies this week. This week’s share has a lot of diversity, including fresh celery, which is just starting to be large enough to harvest. The greens are really delicious, and full of flavor. We grew  single serving spaghetti squash that are in the bags which make a great two-person meal or side.We have a really strong winter squash crop this year, so we should be including a new squash nearly every other week, wihch are all unique and all have exceptional flavor. As usual, it’s been a full week of turning beds over to the next succession. We’ve done a much better job of managing weed pressure this year versus previous years, so we’re in a good position going into the fall to have some really strong fall crops. We hope you enjoy the share this week!

2020 CSA Week 12 Recipes

It feels like the weeks are flying by. We can't believe we are almost at the halfway point. The shares this week have great variety. Anytime the greens of the root crops (Beets, Carrots, etc.) are in at least OK shape we try to include them so you can cook with those as well, but when they haven’t fared well against the weather, insects (we don’t spray any insecticides), and hungry deer, we’ve been removing them more consistently. If you try the beet salsa recipe this week (on the website) we hope you find the main takeaway is that you can make delicious salsa out of nearly any vegetable. We also highly recommend the two part recipe below due to the versatility of the creamed greens, as well as the pickled stems. A quick pickle can perk up nearly any share item you aren’t sure what to do with.  Have a great week!