CSA Weekly Recipes

CSA Week 13 Recipes
We have put together some great recipes from this weeks share. The cantaloupe sorbet is a wonderful cool treat for summer, and it doesn't have as much sugar as other deserts. The stir fry includes many of the vegetables from the share, and taste wonderful and fresh. We hope you are enjoying eating through the seasons with us us much as we are!
CSA Week 12 Recipes
The five recipes below provide a nice balance to one's weekly meals, with a soup, a salad, a sauteed green, and two starch heavy dishes- one rice, one pasta. This week we included a savory herb mix which contains seven unique herbs. Four of the herbs are easily distinguishable- sage (large, smooth leaves), oregano (smaller fuzzy leaves with a rigid stem and some flowers), marjoram (tiny leaves with a highly aromatic, florally flavor), and lavender (beautiful purple flowers with a heavenly aroma). The other three look and taste very similar, but upon close inspection they each have unique characteristics. The most easily differentiated is winter savory, which has smooth firm leaves and a spicy bite. As a hardy perennial this plant has a woody and semi-evergreen appearance. It's cousin, summer savory, is not as hardy, and it's small leaves and tender stems contain a less bitter bite, but still have a very complex aromatic flavor. The last herb included in the mix is thyme, which is the most mild flavored of the three, and also has the most tender leaves. The best way to use the herb mix is to strip all the leaves from the stems and finely chop everything together. To dry the mix for later use spread the herbs in a thin layer on your countertop and allow to dry over several days, and then place the mix to a sealed contained. Try the recipes below to find out how versatile this mix of herbs really is!
CSA Week 11 Recipes
We have lots of tasty summer vegetables included in the share this week. The recipes don't use a lot of ingredients that aren't in your bag. Since we are in the heart of grilling season we used the grill for most of the meals. The corn didn't get as big as we would have liked but it is very delicious. The corn in your shares were picked that morning which helps retain nutrient content and makes the corn extra sweet. Its best to eat corn as soon as you can after it is picked. We included two ways to grill the corn. We recommend grilling corn instead of boiling it. When you boil corn you loose all of its water soluble nutrients. We hope you enjoy these summertime recipes!