CSA Weekly Recipes

CSA Week 7 Recipes
The recipes this week are very simple, meatless, and many make great sides for your Independence Day cookout! We included a hefty serving of white beans in two of the recipes, though beans could bulk up all 5 of the dishes. We used canary beans, which are a white kidney bean with a smooth buttery texture, but northern beans or navy beans would be fine substitutions.
CSA Week 6 Recipes
This week's recipes are the simplest so far! They require the least amount of cooking and uses many of the vegetables in their raw state, which preserves their flavor and nutritional quality. The Garlicky Braised Greens with Balsamic Vinegar recipe below is a perfect way to use the delicious green tops of the double-whammy produce items- turnips and kohlrabi.
CSA Week 5 Recipes
This week we included broiler chickens in the omnivore CSA share so we included a recipe which cooks a whole bird for those who may be looking for cooking inspiration.