CSA Weekly Recipes

CSA Week 4 Recipes
The recipes get hardier as we progress throughout the season. This weeks recipes include a braised celery dish which uses fresh tomatoes and baby celery. It's hard to describe how wonderful and fresh this taste. The baby celery complements the fresh tomatoes so nicely. The borage greens are used in a hardy soup dish that is very satisfying especially with a dollop of sour cream. We hope you enjoy using this week's share.
CSA Week 3 Recipes
Some of this weeks recipes are performing double duty- both the rice noodles and the crispy chicken are cooked once but used in two recipes. Our goal is to overlap as many ingredients as possible between the recipes in order to minimize ingredients and maximize their usage.
CSA Week 2 Recipes
This week’s recipes include two soups which fit perfectly into the cold, rainy weather we’ve been having. We included a light spring soup which uses many spring herbs, the Dutch Herb Soup. A variation of this recipe is suggested to originate as early as the mid 17th century. The recipe we included is a based on Christiane Muusers recipe translation from the original cookbook Keukenboek by Henriette Davidis from 1868. The original recipe calls for potato dumplings, which we swapped for plain potatoes due to time constraints, but we would encourage those who are slightly more ambitious to make potato dumplings or replace the potatoes with gnocchi.