CSA Weekly Recipes

2022 CSA Week 10 Recipes

The produce is really coming in now. We are happy to include peas and beans again this week. Some more of the tomato varieties are starting to ripen. We have a great fresh salsa recipe on the website for you. I know that most of you know this but it is best to store tomatoes on the counter top, not in the fridge, unless you aren’t going to eat them for a very long time. Store them in a bowl if they are ripe, or in a closed paper bag if you need them to ripen faster. We have some delicious summer spinach in the bag this week, which is great either sauteed or in a salad. Spinach is difficult to grow in hot dry weather (it thrives in cold weather) so we’re pleased we were able to take a cutting before everything bolted. Thank you for supporting us, we will see you next week!

2022 CSA Week 9 Recipes
It finally rained at the farm this week. We have been irrigating from sun up to sun down through the dry days. All of the irragation we set up in our early years is paying off big time. We are happy that we are able to include a small amount of snow/snap peas this week. We had to replant the peas three times because voles were eating entire rows. This last planting finally took, and hopefully there will be more in the future. Voles need to eat too. There is lots of activity at the farm these days. We are trying to get everything planted for fall and winter before most of our employees go back to school/college at the beginning of August. If anyone knows any high schoolers nearby looking for a job send them our way. Dont forget to tag us on social media if you post anything from the share. Thank you for supporting us. See you next week.


2022 CSA Week 8 Recipes

We are now into the second quarter of our CSA program. We’re officially in summer vegetable season with our tomato plants starting to yield abundantly, and our zucchini & summer squash are also taking off. We’ve had little rain in the past few weeks, so we’ve been running our irrigaiton constantly and we’ve been vigilant about watering our crops in after seeding and transplanting. With this heat our spring brassicas and peas have either bolted or faded, so we’re pulling those crops out and putting new ones in. Peak season is non-stop plants in/plants out. Thank you for eating along with our growing season, and we will see you next week.