CSA Weekly Recipes

2020 CSA Week 21 Recipes

We have been so busy around the farm it feels like the weeks are flying by! There is a great mix of vegetables in the share this week. We included a leek in the share this week, and there will be more in the future. Leeks are great as the base for soup. We used the leek, carrots and peppers in a soup recipe that is delicous. It is a nice fall soup that goes great with grilled cheese or just a nice slice of bread. We also included ground cherries for the first time this week. Ground cherries are in the tomato family but they are very sweet and almost have a pineapple taste to them. Make sure to remove the husk before you eat them. Most of you will probably eat them as a snack but they are great on salads, salsas, or spread on toast with cream cheese. Have a great week!

2020 CSA Week 20 Recipes

Fall is here and we are down to the last 9 weeks. The last 9 weeks of the program are some of the best because we have so much variety. We are able to keep our summer crops growing in the greenhouse and the cooler season crops do well outside. We also dont have to worry about losing crops to pest as much. We are still hanging on to summer a little bit with a lot of great salsa ingredients in the bag this week. The recipe on the flyer this week is for a roasted salsa with tomatillos. We make a lot of salsa throughout the summer and we find that roasting the vegetables, especially the tomatillos, adds a nice depth of flavor to the salsa. We hope you all are having a great week!

2020 CSA Week 19 Recipes

We’re still busy bees here at the farm and we’re also enjoying this nice weather as we get the rest of our plants in the ground and start to cover everything. We have lots of great produce and meals for you this week! Our green bean crop is producing well and there are lots of green beans in the share this week. We have a great recipe for those and for the green onions. The green onion-jalapeno bread on the blog this week takes a little preparation time, but it’s definitely worth it! It pairs well with soups or with the pesto that we made from the green onion tops. We also took our last cutting of basil this week, which is always a harbinger of fall. Enjoy the produce and thank you for supporting us!