CSA Weekly Recipes

2020 CSA Week 10 Recipes

The summer vegetables are in full swing, and so is the summer heat, and this year, a summer drought. We’ve only had about an inch of rain in the past month, so each day we keep wishing the rain would swing over our heads, but it keeps missing us. We use drip irrigation for nearly all of our production space, so we’re been able to keep most of our crops well irrigated, but they all look so much happier after a good soaking. The share this week has a nice variety of flavors with endless combinations, so the only limit is your creativity. We hope you enjoy the share this week and thank you for supporting our farm!

2020 CSA Week 9 Recipes

With so much going on at the farm, the zucchini got away from us a little this week, so there are some rather large zucchini in the bag which are perfect for zucchini fritters (recipe below), zoodles, or simply sauteed. We also included the first of our heirloom tomatoes in the bag this week. We used them in a BLT but they would be great sliced with a little salt and pepper as well. Our summer vegetables are in full swing, and we’re spending our days making sure everything is staying properly irrigated so fruit quality stays high. We hope everyone enjoys the veggies this week. Thank you all for supporting us and our farm, and do a rain dance for us!

2020 CSA Week 8 Recipes

There’s a lot of activity at the farm these days with so much to harvest. We have just 4 more beds of squash and onions to plant before we start prepping beds for fall and winter planting. We have lots of variety and everything is sizing up nicely. They should start making it into the bags within the next couple of weeks. Our zucchini got a little away from us this week so they are a little bigger than the size we usually pick. This just makes for a bigger meal. The website has a delicious sauteed red lettuce recipe, a dish which symbolizes wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. it’s a great use of the greens which are more bitter than bibb lettuce, especially this time of year, but have a much higher nutritional value. All of the meals this week are nice and light and use very minimal additional ingredients. We figured this was best after a long weekend of brats and beer. Happy 4th of july!