CSA Weekly Recipes

2021 CSA Week 27 Recipes
This week we’ve been busy transplanting and direct seeding many root crops, onions, and garlic, which, if you can believe it, will be ready in time for our 2022 CSA season in late April/early May. We’re adding low tunnels to carry the crops through winter, after which their growth will pick up through spring. This week we included a mix of root vegetables in the share If you keep them in a bag in your fridge, they should last a few weeks or longer, though they’ll have the best flavor the sooner you eat them. Since we don’t spray any pesticides their skin has some damage from ground-dwelling insects, but it peels easily and the interior has great texture and flavor. Last week’s frost has made them sweeter, and we really enjoyed them in this week’s root mash, and in the pancake recipe below. The frost also improved the flavor of our leafy greens, so the kale and escarole are very tasty this time of year. We hope you enjoy the second to last share!


2021 CSA Week 26 Recipes
it’s officially frosted, and we’ve had a few nights in the mid-20s, so we’ve had a pretty distinct season change as all our warm weather crops have been killed off, and our cool season plants have shrugged off the cold, and many appreciate the reduction in pest and disease pressure that comes with cold weather. Root crops become sweeter after a frost, so we’ve included the last beets of the season. Their greens are in great shape so be sure to use those as well. If you’ve cooked beets every which way and are at a loss as to what to do with them, we recommend trying the black bean and beet burger recipe on our blog this week. It’s pretty tasty! We included a delicious white chicken chili recipe which makes great use of the mix of peppers included in the bag this week. We hope you have a great week!


2021 CSA Week 25 Recipes
We hope you have all made good use of this unusually warm fall we’ve been having. We’re happy we haven’t had to cover any tender crops so far, though we may need to drag out the row cover by this weekend. We included two soup recipes this week which are both very satisfying and would be delicious if ea ten along with a hearty loaf of bread or grilled cheese. The roasted turnip soup was wonderful even without the cream. We’re excited to have lettuce back in the share this week, and we hope to have another cutting or two before the end of the season. We only have 4 more weeks to go, and we than you all for sticking with us Through spring, summer, and fall. We will miss seeing all of your smiling faces every week!


 Fennel, Celery, & Apple Salad

Creamy Arugula Soup