CSA Weekly Recipes

2020 CSA Week 2 Recipes

Week two is here, and these long spring days have provided us with another bounty of delicious produce. We loved seeing all the meals that you guys made with the share last week. This week we have more delicious spring greens. Now that the weather is cooperating we have finally started planting our summer crops out in the fields. This week we included a nice bulk bag of brassica greens, which are delicious sauteed. The heavier leafy greens will be included more in the earlier share of the season so if make sure you freeze them for use in summer if you’re not eating them fast enough. If you don’t know what to do with the brassica mix we highly recommend you make the pasta dish below. We try to make all the recipes has healthy as possible with minimal ingredients, and minimal animal products, but they can always modified to include more fats and cheeses, and can be served as side along a slice of meat. Thank you all for supporting us! Have a great week!

2020 CSA Week 1 Recipes

We’re so excited to begin the CSA season! We want to thank all of our returning members and welcome all of our new ones. If you’re new to our program, here are some things that you should know- we include one recipe on this flyer, but we also have four more recipes on our website (front9farm.com/recipes) that use all of the produce in the share. We try to use minimal packaging so and leafy produce should be stored in plasticware or plastic bags to keep it humid.  If you dont know how to store something ask us and we will be happy to help. We love seeing the food you make so if you ever share something on social media make sure to tag @front9farm.This week’s share has a lot of great spring greens. We also included delicious, and nutritious wild springtime ramps from our woods, nature’s gift. Thank you all for supporting us and our farm!

2019 CSA Week 27 Recipes

This is the second to last week of the CSA program for 2019. Don’t forget that we will take next week off and come back the week after thanksgiving for the last week of the CSA. We have some delicious greens in the share for you this week which should balance out any indulgant treats you find yourself eating over Thanksgiving. We’ve got more delicious greens happily tucked in under their covers, which we will include in the last share of the year. Thank you for supporting our farm!