Summer Cucurbits

The cucurbit family offers a lot of diversity, so much so that we divided the family into two categories: summer cucurbits and fall cucurbits, with the difference being the fall types are harvested when their rind is hardened and the fruit is fully mature. Summer cucurbits are harvested at different stages of immaturity, but all are harvested before the fruit fully enlarges, which maximizes their flavor.

Summer squash produce some of the earliest fruit of the season. The fruit have thin, edible skin and a firm but spongy interior. Their flavor is mild giving these squash versatility in their culinary applications.

Zucchini is a fast ripening, mild-flavored squash, which is available most of the growing season. This fruit work well in both sweet and savory dishes, and its firm structure and moderate water content allow for a variety of cooking methods.

Cucumbers are rich in refreshing flavor, but also very mild, which allows for use in a variety of dishes. We grow both mini and long varieties.

Patty pan squash are small, scallop-shaped fruit with a sweet flavor. This fruit works well stuffed and roasted.