2018 CSA Week 25 Recipes

This past week we’ve had a couple of hard frosts which were a final bid farewell to our squash crops and uncovered peppers, eggplant, and tomatillos. Other parts of the garden, some covered, some not, are still going strong. This week we included some fall sweetness with sugar beets and butternut squash.  We’ve included some tasty soup recipes on this week’s blog which are simple but full of flavor. Be sure to eat your veggies this week to balance out that Halloween candy! Have a great week, and thank you for supporting our farm.


  Butternut Squash Soup Hearty Chicken and Rice Soup Whiskey Pickled Peppers Baby Greens Salad with Lemon-Tahini Dressing Kale Salad with Roasted Beets and Leeks

 butternut squash


 sugar beets




 bunching onions

 1/3 2/3   


 2 tsp    

 yellow tomatoes




 orach spinach



 1/3 cup 2/3 cup   

 red Russian kale


 Hungarian wax peppers





 2 3   


 2 cloves2 cloves    

olive oil 

 2 tbsp 2 tbsp   1 tbsp

 chicken stock

1 pint  2 pints   


 2 tbsp    2 tbsp


 1 tsp    

 chicken breast

  4 cups   


 1 cup    


  1 tsp   


   1/2 cup  

 white wine vinegar

   1/2 cups  

 onion powder

   1 tsp  

garlic powder 

   1 tsp  

 coriander seed

   1 tsp  

 mustard seed

   1 tsp  


  3/4 cup  


   2 tbsp1 tbsp


   1/4 cup 

olive oil

   1/4 cup 

maple syrup

   2 tbsp 


    1/2 cup

balsamic vinegar

    1/4 cup


    1/4 cup

parmesan cheese

    1 tbsp



Butternut Squash Soup


Cut squash in half, then scoop out inner seeds and pulp and remove skin. Cube squash into 1 inch chunks and set aside. Core and dice 1 apple. Dice 2 medium carrots, 1/3 bunch of green onions, 1/3 cup of celery, and 2 cloves of garlic. 
In a large saucepan heat 2 tbsp olive oil over medium heat. Add carrots, onions, and celery and saute until fragrant but not browned, about 5 minutes. Add diced squash, apple, and 1-2 pints of chicken stock, and 1 pint of water. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add 2 tbsp butter, 1 tsp cinnamon, and 2 tsp finely chopped sage. Cook until squash is tender, about 25-30 minutes. Blend thoroughly using emersion blender. 



Hearty Chicken and Rice Soup



Dice 3 medium carrots, 2/3 bunch of green onions, 2/3 cup of celery, and 2 cloves of garlic. In a large saucepan heat 2 tbsp olive oil over medium heat. Add carrots, onions, and celery and saute until fragrant but not browned, about 5 minutes. Add 3-4 cups of shredded cooked chicken breast, 1 cup of rice, 2 pints chicken stock, 2 pints of water, 1 tsp thyme, and salt and pepper to taste. Bring soup to a boil, then reduce heat and cook 25-30 minutes. 





Whiskey Pickled Peppers


Thinly slice enough Hungarian wax peppers to fill a pint jar. 
To make brine mix 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 1/2 cups white wine vinegar, 1 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp onion powder, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp coriander seed, 1 tsp mustard seed, and 3/4 cup whiskey. Add ingredients to a stockpot and bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Remove from heat once sugar is dissolved.  
Pour brine over peppers and allow to pickle in the fridge for at least 3 days. 





Baby Greens Salad with Lemon-Tahini Dressing


Roughly chop lettuce, orach spinach greens, and yellow tomatoes. Combine in a large bowl and dress with lemon-tahini dressing.

To prepare lemon-tahini dressing- combine the juice of 1 lemon or 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1/4 cup tahini, 1/4 cup olive oil, and 2 tbsp maple syrup.





Kale Salad with Roasted Beets and Leeks


Thinly slice 1 bunch of red Russian kale, then massage with 1 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp lemon juice, then set aside.
Cook 1/2 cup lentils in 2 cups of stock or water until tender, about 30 minutes. 
Skin and dice 2 beets. Thinly slice 2 leeks along stem. Add 2 tbsp butter to a large skillet over medium high heat. Saute beets and leeks until tender, about 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently. Deglaze pan with 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Add lentils to beets and leeks, stir to combine, then serve over kale with 1/4 cup chopped and toasted walnuts, and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.