We’ve got a great mix of vegetables for you this week. We included okra for the first time this season. We recommend using the okra in gumbo, with either chicken or the more classic andouille sausage. It’s also great roasted or fried on its own.   We included a small amount of lunchbox peppers, which are insanely sweet and wonderful for fresh eating. Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s the perfect time to make soup. We have great butternut soup recipe on the website, If you would like to make the squash soup a little richer add 1/2 cup heavy cream at the end.  Cabbage pairs really nicely with tomatoes in soups and stews, so if you have tomatoes piling up, that’s a great way to use them. Thank you all and have a wonderful week!

chicken gumbo

Cajun Spice Mix: 2 tsp salt, 2 tsp garlic powder, 2 1/2 tsp paprika, 1 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp cayenne pepper, 1 1/4 tsp dried oregano, 1 1/4 tsp dried thyme, 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes.

In a small bowl, mix 1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper; rub over 1 lb chicken cubed. In a Dutch oven, brown chicken in 2 tablespoons oil in batches; remove chicken from pan. Add 1/4 cup oil to the same pan; stir in 1/4 cup flour until blended.

Add 1 large onion diced, all the peppers diced and 1/2 cup celery diced, and all the okra chopped; cook and stir for 2-3 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Add 4 cloves garlic minced; cook 1 minute longer. stir in 3 Tbsp flour until blended.

Gradually add 4 cups water and 2 cups chicken stock. Stir in the 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce, 2 bay leaves, chicken and 1 tbsp Cajun seasoning, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 1 hour or until chicken is very tender. Remove chicken from pan; cool slightly. Skim fat from gumbo and discard bay leaves. Shred chicken and return to gumbo; heat through. Serve over rice.


salad with ground cherry salad dressing

Mix 1 cup mashed ground cherries and 1 Tbsp sugar together in a bowl; set aside about 10 minutes. Pour berry mixture into a jar with a lid; add 2/3 cup balsamic vinegar,1/4 cup olive oil, 1 Tbsp honey, and salt. Cover jar with lid and shake until dressing is mixed well. Store in the refrigerator. Serve over a bed of fresh lettuce.


Butternut Squash Soup 

Cut butternut squash in half. Scoop out seeds. Coat the inner surface of each squash half with a thin layer of olive oil. Sprinkle salt and pepper on each half. 

Turn the squash facedown and roast in a 425F preheated oven until it is tender and completely cooked through, about 40-50 minutes. Set the squash aside until it's cool enough to handle, about 10 minutes. 

Meanwhile, heat 1 Tbsp olive oil in a large stock pot over medium heat. Add 1/2 cup finely chopped shallot or red onion, about 1 large,  3-4 cloves garlic, minced, and 1/2 cup finely chopped celery. Cook, stirring often, until the onion begins to turn golden. Remove thick stems from thyme, marjoram, and rosemary, and roughly chop 1 Tbsp of herbs. Add to the pan just until they begin to wilt and become fragrant, then remove from heat. 

Scoop out squash from flesh and transfer to blender with the caramelized shallot/onion/herb mixture and 3 cups vegetable broth, 1 tsp maple syrup, 1/8 tsp ground nutmeg, and 1/2 tsp ground black pepper. This can be done in batches if everything doesn't fit in the blender because everything will return to the stock pot to cook further. 

Once blended, return soup to stockpot and add 1-2 more cups of vegetable broth to thin your soup if desired, and add 1-2 Tbsp butter or olive oil. Bring to a boil, then reduce, and add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with toasted bread or grilled cheese sandwiches. 


Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta with Parsley

Cook 1lb pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water, stirring occasionally, until al dente; drain pasta and transfer to a large bowl.

Meanwhile, on a roasting pan combine, 2 large cloves of garlic chopped, all the cherry tomatoes,, 1 pepper chopped, 1/2 onion chopped, pinch sugar, and 1 tsp. salt. Roast at 450 untill tomatoes burst about 20 minutes.

Toss pasta with roasted tomatoes. Top with Parmesan.


Cabbage and Noodles

Slice the onion into 1/4-inch wide strips. Add the onion and 2 Tbsp cooking oil to a large pot. Sauté over medium to medium-high heat until the onions are soft and browned on the edges.

While the onions are sauteing, remove the core from the cabbage and slice it into 1/2-inch wide strips.

Once the onions have caramelized a bit on the edges, add the sliced cabbage to the pot along with a pinch of salt and about 1/4 cup water. Continue to sauté the cabbage until it is tender, about 15 minutes, using the water to help dissolve any browned bits off the bottom of the pot.

While the cabbage is sautéing, bring a pot of water to a boil for the egg noodles. Once boiling, add the noodles, and continue to boil until the noodles are tender (about 7 minutes). Drain the noodles in a colander. Once the cabbage is tender, turn the heat off. Add the cooked and drained noodles, 2 Tbsp butter, and a generous amount of salt and pepper to the pot. Stir to combine and allow the residual heat to melt the butter. Taste the cabbage and noodles and add more salt and pepper to taste. Serve warm.


The first table shows the ingredients that come in the share. The table after that shows the ingredients you would need to make the recipes.

chicken gumbo salad with ground cherry salad dressing Butternut Squash Soup Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta with Parsley Cabbage Pasta
celery 2/3 1/2 cup
cabbage all
cherry tomatoes all
ground cherries 1 cup
pepper, lunchbox 1/2
butternut squash all
onions, white 1 1/2 cup 1/2 cup
lettuce mix
okra all
chicken gumbo salad with ground cherry salad dressing Butternut Squash Soup Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta with Parsley Cabbage Pasta
garlic powder 2 tsp
paprika 2 1/2 tsp
cayenne pepper 1 tsp
dried oregano 1 1/4 tsp
dried thyme 1 1/4 tsp
red pepper flakes 1/2 tsp
chicken 1 lb
cooking oil 2 Tbsp 2 Tbsp
garlic 4 cloves 4 cloves 2 cloves
flour 3 Tbsp
chicken stock 2 cups 3 cups
Worcestershire sauce 2 Tbsp
bay leaves 2
sugar 1 Tbsp
balsamic vinegar 2/3 cup
olive oil 1/4 cup 1 Tbsp
honey 1 Tbsp
shallot or red onion 1/2 cup
maple syrup 1 tsp
nutmeg 1/8 tsp
butter 2 Tbsp 2 Tbsp
pasta 1 lb
sugar 1 pinch
parmesan 1/4 cup