CSA Sign Up

Thank you for your interest in our CSA program! Please call (330) 388-6070 with any questions, or if you would rather sign up for our CSA over the phone. To sign up please fill out the form below and click submit. 
*We've adjusted our CSA model slightly from previous years to provide customers with more flexibility in their participation.
*You can select the exact number of weeks you wish to participate for $22/week. There is a $25 onboarding fee for new members, and a $15 onboarding fee for returning members.
Below you will need to choose the weeks you want to participate. You can change your weeks selection at any time by either re-submitting this form, emailing, or texting us.
Our CSA Meal Program runs 28 weeks beginning May 12/13th through November 17/18th. Check or cash are the prefered methods of payment, but you may also pay using a credit card. Payment options below include (1) one payment, (2) two payments, one for the first half of the season, a second due at the midway point, (3) monthly payments, or (4) weekly payments. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time throughout the season; we require at least a week notice prior to cancellation.
For more information on the logistics of the program, visit our information page. Following your submission, you will receive a sign up confirmation email within a few days, and that will contain more details about pickup instructions. Thank you so much for supporting us and we look forward to providing you and your family with fresh healthy food!
There will be a $25 onboarding/account management fee for new members, and $15 for returning members, and each week of the csa will cost $22.Select the weeks you would like to participate. you can add or drop weeks at any time.


Add-ons will be spread out evenly over the weeks you participate in the program.Unless you indicate to us exactly which weeks you would like to recieve them.

select the amount you want for the whole season
Simmer for 12 hours. Yields 4 yarts of chicken stock, and 1 cup of schmaltz.
ground lamb- 2x 1lb, stew lamb- 1lb, lamb kabobs- 1.25lb, lamb shanks- 1.3lb, lamb chops- 1.25lb
Tell us if you have any special requests, we try to make everyone happy!
Cash and checks can be mailed to 8421 Richman Rd, Lodi OH 44254, or brought to the farm at the same address. Credit cards will be processed over the phone.
If you would like to receive a delivery quote, please fill in your address. First we'd like to gauge the level of interest in this as an option, and then we will see if we can make deliveries work for our farm.