Fill out the form below to apply for a general labor job at our farm. Front9Farm employees get exposure to many different areas of agriculture. We generally hire in early spring but we are always looking for good help so feel free to submit your application at anytime. If you have any questions you can leave those in the comments section of the form or send us an email at

About us: Front 9 Farm is an ecologically-minded vegetable farm which grows 100+ types of vegetables and fruits which are sold locally year-round.  We grow a large variety of vegetables ranging from tomatoes and peppers, to lettuce and beets, which are sold through our farm subscription program and farmers' markets we attend. 

Available positions: We’re looking for farm crew members who are available anywhere from 2-5 days per week, 3-5 hours per day, from January through December. Depending on the candidate,  full-time (35 hr/week) positions are available from May through September, perfect for a high school or college student. The hours range from 10am-2pm in April, Monday-Friday, to 7:30am-2pm Monday -Friday throughout the summer, with a 15 minute break and a 30 minute unpaid lunch. The hours change to 3-7pm in the afternoons throughout the fall and into winter. We are flexible and would be willing to have someone work less hours within this work schedule.

Job description: The work primarily consists of tray filling, seeding, transplanting, weeding, pruning or trellising crops, harvesting, and removing old crops. From March-May the majority of the work will be seeding, preparing garden beds for transplanting, and then transplanting. Harvesting, weeding, and packaging produce become major tasks from June through the end of summer. We're looking for crew members who work quickly and efficiently, and who can stay focused for several hours while performing repetitive tasks. No experience required. 

Cleaning and straightening work is also included. Work is done in large chunks, so tasks such as transplanting, weeding, or harvesting are done for several hours at a time, so the work can become tedious. Tasks also include harvesting and bunching crops in the field including leafy greens (lettuce, kale, arugula), and root vegetables (beets, carrots, turnips). This position requires a lot of squatting and bending over, and quick hand movements. A lot of the work is done solo so the candidate must be able to keep focused and a quick pace of harvest. Work is done rain or shine, and sometimes through intense heat. Listening to music and talking with other crew members is allowed, but it should not slow work down. When you are on the clock, you should be working. 

Benefits of the job include working outdoors in fresh air and sunshine, physical labor, low stress, as well as learning about horticulture, farming, operating a small business, and the 100+ agricultural crops we produce.

Starting at $10/hr with pay increases based on performance.

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