Meat Order Form

Please fill out the order form below. Don't forget to select pickup location and payment type. We will have pickups at each of the farmers markets that we attend as well as our farm. If you have any questions or concerns you can email us at or give us a call (330) 388-6070




Our chicken is pasture raised, fed non-gmo feed, with several acres to graze and forage for insects. Very rich flavor. Comes frozen in a vacuumed sealed bag.

Large, whole young chicken with the neck.
Whole mature chicken. Will yield 4 quarts of incredibly nutricious and tasty chicken stock. Comes from our flock of laying hens. Fed non-gmo feed with several acres to graze and forage for insects. Comes frozen in a freezer bag.


Payment and Pickup

Payment will be collected before or on the date of the pickup we will be sending an email with further instructions on how to pay.
Tell us if you have any special requests, we try to make everyone happy!